People aren't sold on this new Marmite flavoured hummus

goss 10/09/2020

The next wacky food combo is here! Lisa's Hummus has teamed up with Marmite to create a new Marmite flavoured hummus...

With summer coming up, this could be a good addition to the Kiwi BBQ - but not everyone is sold on the idea.

"Oh yum, what a delicious combination. Love both of these things!" one person wrote.

"This household loves hummus and marmite. Sounds like an interesting combo" added someone else.

But not everyone was sold on the idea...

"I love both, but not sure about together!" one person said.

"Marmite is only for toast!" added another.

"Love the hummus but NO to the Marmite." jabbed a third person.

What do you make of the combo? Will you be trying it? Keep a look out at your supermarket if you're keen to give it a try!