Pink celebrates birthday by encouraging fans to take part in the 'self-love challenge'

goss 09/09/2020

Pink celebrated her 41st birthday this week. To mark the occassion, the singer took to her Instagram to challenge fans to a 'self love challenge'.

In the video, Pink challenges fans to think of one thing they love about themselves for every year they've been alive.

Pink started out by thanking fans for their well wishes, before laying out the challenge...

Some of her examples include, "I have good hair", "I rescue animals" and "I sing good."

Pink's fans were quick to praise her heartfelt idea...

"I could name a hundred things I love about you, so let me know if you need help with that list." one person wrote.

"You have such a gift of making all of us smile and feel good even when it's YOUR Birthday." added someone else.

Check out Pink's full video in the Instagram post above...