Toddler with cleft lip adopts puppy with same condition in heartwarming video

goss 09/09/2020

A two-year-old boy with a cleft lip has been united with a two-month-old puppy that has the same facial condition. 

Bentley Boyers was with his dad Brandon collecting some rescue chickens from Jackson County's local shelter in Michigan last week when the pair came across a two-month-old puppy that also has a cleft lip. 

A bond was formed immediately between Bentley and his adorable new black and white buddy so Brandon quickly called his wife Ashley to tell her about the young pup. 

"He FaceTimed me and said 'I think this one has a cleft lip' and I said 'Get her. We need her,'" Ashley told WILX. 

"To see (Bentley) have something in common with a puppy means a lot, because he can grow up and understand that him and his puppy both have something that they can share in common." 

Michigan’s Jackson County shelter was delighted to see how the adorable pair "instantly loved each other" and are excited for this "special pair to grow up together."

Bentley required a number of surgeries to correct his cleft lip - a minor facial disfigurement where the baby's face hasn't properly joined together while developing in the womb.