Home & Away star Ray Meagher opens up about his recent health scare

goss 08/10/2020

Home and Away star Ray Meagher has opened up about a recent health scare.

The Aussie actor found he had some issues with his heart after a visit to his GP and required some surgery to sort it all out. He is now urging other men to take their health seriously.

"Blokes feel like they’re hypochondriacs or [wusses], or something, if they’ve got a bit of a twinge and tend to ignore it," he said in an interview.

"Not all blokes, but a lot do and I think men are worse than women in ignoring those things. Like it’s a dreadful sign of weakness … I don’t know what the rationale is, but they don’t listen to the body and you’ve got to."

"If you’re getting a bit of a niggle, then go and see your GP and he’ll send you to the right people. You might be alive instead of dead, and I think that’s a better option."

"The old ticker can creep up on you without giving you warnings and some people aren’t as lucky as me. They don’t get the bloody warning or a twinge … just bang [and gone]. It is just so important to get checked and on a regular basis," he said.

Ray also joked that he was now "ready to take on the marathon at the Tokyo Games, where I’m sure I will medal, as they say."

Good on him for sharing his scare so openly!