Hugh Grant says he's up for a Notting Hill sequel if it's about divorce

goss 28/10/2020

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts could be reuniting for a Notting Hill sequel - that's if Hugh gets his way!

The 1999 film follows William (played by Hugh), a British bookseller, who meets and falls in love with Anna (played by Julia), a big time American actress.

Their relationship is tested by their different statuses, but in the end love comes out on top!

But things could be very different if a sequel to the iconic film was to get made...

"I would like to do a sequel to one of my own romantic comedies that shows what happened after those films ended." Hugh said in a recent interview.

"To really prove the terrible lie that they all were, that it was a happy ending."

He has even given some thought as to what they storyline might look like!

"I'd like to do me and Julia and the hideous divorce that's ensued, with really expensive lawyers, children involved in tug of love, floods of tears," he said. "Psychologically scarred forever. I'd love to do that film."

Time will tell if this ends up happening or not - it would certainly be a lot different!