Netflix is making a TV show based on 'Elf on a Shelf'

goss 16/10/2020

We're definitely on the downward slide to Christmas now! Which is why Netflix has announced some new Christmas content!

The streaming giant has revealed that they are making a new kids TV show based on the popular Elf on a Shelf tradition.

"We’re thrilled to share stories of our North Pole friends, bringing tales from the region where joy never ends!" Netflix said.

"The Elf Pets, our pals, will join us, of course! You’ll get brand-new stories, straight from the source!"

"Our love for the world will be easy to see, you’ll soon hear us sing in Italian, Thai, and Hindi."

"While we’re hard at work creating more stories and cheer, there’s two Elf Pets specials on Netflix this year."

Now doubt if you have kids, they'll be obsessed with this show come Christmas!