Owner puts Labrador on a diet after he gets stuck in a dog door

omg 22/10/2020

An Australian dog owner has declared it's time for her rather chubby labrador Drax to go on a diet after he became hilariously wedged in a dog door. 

Charmaine Hully shared photos of Drax stuck in the door with the caption "diet time" to the Facebook group 'Dogspotting', amassing over 19,000 likes and capturing the hearts of many.

Hulley says she rescued the scared, uncared for Drax from outside a supermarket "all skinny and sad" only two years ago. 

Drax was transformed into a healthy, happy, and very much loved dog with his new owner - perhaps becoming a little too loved.

After being in the care of Hulley's partner for a few months while she was away at her mum's, Drax had been indulging in KFC and steak - packing on the weight. 

Hulley was shocked to see Drax's weight gain when her partner brought him to visit her at her mum's house and to add to the shock, Drax soon became stuck in a dog door, ending up walking around with the entire frame attached to him.

She says the dog door at her mums is made for smaller dogs, hence why Drax had such a difficult time with it.

"This isn't our house, all the little dogs live here," Hulley explained in her Facebook post.

"The one [door] he has at home is bigger. He thought he could fit his chonky [sic] bum through this one!"

Drax has brought joy to thousands of Facebook commenters, all falling in love with him and his unfortunate accident.

"Haha, my spirit dog this is," one user commented, while others said they imagined their dog would have a similar problem. 

Hulley says Drax is the most "placid" and "sweet" dog. 

"He doesn't cause any trouble, everyone loves him."