Gordon Ramsay is furious that people often mistake him for being his son's granddad

goss 24/11/2020

Gordon Ramsay has opened up about being furious that people mistake him for being his young son's granddad.

The celeb chef has 5 kids, with his son Oscar being the youngest at 18 months old.

“The worst thing is when I'm walking with Tana and Jack *his son and his wife*, and everyone is looking at Jack as if Oscar is his son," Gordon said to Men's Health.

He added that many people will stop him to say "you must be so proud to be a grandad."

Gordon responds the only way he can... "**** off, he's ours." he swears.

"If I get called 'grandad' one more ****ing time, I'm going to hit the roof."

Something tells us Gordon won't be able to shake this anytime soon.