Hilary Barry pays tribute to 'Dr Ash' after winning TV Personality of the Year

goss 19/11/2020

Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry has paid tribute to Dr Ashley Bloomfield after she won 'TV Personality Of The Year' at the NZ TV Awards.

Bloomfield was originally up against Hilary in the same category, but pulled out of the competition.

In a post on her Facebook page, Hilary paid tribute to NZ's fave Doctor.

"I’ve just got home from the TV Awards (it’s only 1.15am so that’s pretty respectable) and wanted to thank all the very kind and lovely people who voted for me for the NZ TV Personality of the Year Award." she wrote.

"Dr Ashley Bloomfield removed himself from contention for this award which means I was totally runner up because there’s no way he wouldn’t have won. So here’s to you Dr Ash. Even though my name’s on the trophy you’re still the MVP on the telly this year."

"And yes, I voted for him too!" she confessed.

Congrats Hilary - totally deserved!