Kākāpō makes history by winning 'Bird of the Year' for the second time

NZ 16/11/2020

After a record number of votes, Kiwis have crowned their 'Bird of the Year'.

Making history by being the only bird to win the award twice - the Kākāpō has taken out the top spot!

"Our kākāpō is the heaviest, the longest-living, the only flightless, and the only nocturnal parrot on the planet" a spokesperson said.

"There were only about 50 birds in the 1990s and they've been saved by intensive conservation efforts. Today there are 213 individuals... In New Zealand, eighty per cent of our native birds are in trouble or facing extinction, including the kākāpō"

This is the first time any bird has won the Bird of the Year title more than once, so New Zealand's mighty moss chicken can add yet another feather to its cap.

This year's competition was rocked by a scandal of 'voter fraud' which made headlines around the world. 1500 fraudulent votes were cast for the 'little spotted Kiwi' - but the issue was quikly dealt with.

Congrats to the kākāpō! We look forward to the next competition in 2021 - no doubt it will be just as competitive.