Mariah Carey signals the start of the festive season with Christmas themed vid

goss 06/11/2020

The 'Christmas Queen' has spoken!

Now that October is over, it's time to start getting excited for Christmas and all the festivities that come with it - according to Mariah Carey.

In the short clip that Mariah posted to her Instagram, a ghoulish creature is seen making its way through her house, before it opens up a cobwebbed laced door to reveal the singer situated inside a Christmas-themed room.

Sitting beside a set of glittery trees, the "All I Want for Christmas Is You" singer, who is dressed in her own themed pajamas, then looks at her watch as she happily declares "It's time" with a wide smile and cheer.

As Mariah jingles a bell and moves offscreen, a message then plays before viewers, reading, "It's Time! (But let's get through Thanksgiving first.)"

Which we're guessing means we can start getting Christmassy here in New Zealand since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Watch it below....