Mum shares her 'on a budget' balloon hack to make Christmas more exciting

we love 27/11/2020

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year, which is why this mum's clever balloon hack has been welcomed by other parents.

"If anyone out there is struggling for money this year, i just wanted to share this with you." the mum wrote on Facebook.

"Last year I felt guilty that I couldn't provide that huge pile of present for my boys, that I wanted to, so I decided to cover the floor with balloons to hide the lack of presents, which worked a treat."

"Some of the balloons had the boys names on them and when they found their balloons they popped them and inside were coins inside."

"You know what my kids have asked for this year? You guessed it, balloons with money in.  It doesn't have to break the bank!"

She also went on to reveal she had used eco-friendly balloons too - making this creative present idea even better!