Nigella Lawson weirds people out with her Old Banana Peel Curry

goss 13/11/2020

When was the last time you dined on a delicious, old banana peel... Oh, never?

Well, British TV chef Nigella Lawson is here to change some minds.

In her new series 'Cook, Eat, Repeat', the chef, known by most Kiwis for her love of Whittaker's Chocolate, is showing her love to the parts of food we typically discard.

And while banana peels are not known for it's taste, the chef raised a few eyebrows when she showed herself cooking it into a curry sauce.

The chef poured boiling water over the skins first, before adding them to the curry, saying they would add texture to the dish.

She claimed that inside the curry, they have a similar appearance to eggplant. But even she admitted it was a bit weird to consider, which a number of fans felt watching it. 

“I hope I didn’t traumatise you too much with the banana skins (I promise you the curry is divine)," Nigella tweeted after the show had ended.

We don't doubt that Nigella knows how to make a delicious meal, but we may just need a bit more convincing before we give this a go ourselves.

Watch her make the recipe in the video above (from 23 minutes onwards).