NZ Post reveals the Christmas cut-off dates to make sure your parcels arrive in time

goss 06/11/2020

Hate it or love it, Christmas is just around the corner!

And with many people turning to online shopping this year following store closures due to Coronavirus, and having to send presents overseas due to family not being able to be together for Christmas - it's a good idea to make yourself aware with NZ Post's parcel sending cut off dates.

If you are sending by post, parcel or courier around New Zealand, the cut-off date from NZ Post is the 21st of December. 

If you're planning to send packages to your family and friends in Australia, you would need to get them to the post shop by the 14th of December at the latest. But be aware that the 14th of December cut off is for post via Express Courier which is a bit more expensive than just sending via Air.

If you plan on posting to Aussie via Air, you would need to make sure it is in the mail by 30 November to ensure it's at their doorstep before December 25th.

You can view the cut-off times for the rest of the world, including the Pacific Islands, Asia, the UK and Europe here.