People are loving this homemade 'Chicken Crimpy' Christmas tree

goss 06/11/2020

Feeling festive and wanting to try something totally different out for your next BBQ? Well, this 'Chicken Crimpy' Christmas tree could be the perfect new recipe to try out!

The 'Cheese and bacon Christmas tree dip' recipe was uploaded to and has been met with huge praise.

"What more could you want for Christmas than cheese and bacon dip covered in mini Chicken Crimpy Shapes and all shaped like a tree? Talk about a showstopper!" the creator enthusiastically wrote on the website.

The inside of the tree is made up of a delicious cream cheese dip, with the 'Shapes' crackers making up the outside.

The recipe takes between 1 and 2 hours - if you're keen to read the full recipe click here.