Diet soft drinks just as bad for you as regular ones claims study

goss 15/12/2020

According to a new study, the diet versions of fizzy drinks aren't actually healthier, so if this is the reason you chose them, think again. 

A 10-year study that had more than 104,000 participants found that the artificially sweetened soft drinks (basically all diet versions) are actually just as bad for your heart as the full sugar options. 

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that those who drink sugary drinks have a high chance of experiencing cardiovascular disease. This shouldn't be a huge surprise as we've always known sugary drinks aren't great for us. 

But the surprising find was the those who have artificially sweetened versions were just as likely to experience cardiovascular disease.

So either way soft drinks arent great for your health and we aren't happy about it.