Fans are saying The Chase's 'Beast' looks younger after huge weight loss

goss 07/12/2020

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett is being complimented by fans online after sharing a selfie photo on his Twitter.

The Chaser has been working on shedding a few KGs this year, and it has been working so far!

"You built a time capsule in lockdown? Look well younger here." one Twitter user wrote.

"Younger looking and you've lost weight. Well done, as you're looking good, not that you didn't before." added another.

A third person wrote "How much weight have you lost! Looking good for it."

In an interview with Loose Women, Mark said "I think people are going to hate me, I've not been trying to lose weight, I've had the brush with this virus, and what's been happening is I've not been going out."

"My wife does shift work so I've been the primary carer... as viewers will know, looking after a toddler, you don't have time to eat!"

"I was 27 stone when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was 23 stone at my last check-up in March and hopefully I'll be a bit lighter than that, but the main one is eating a bit more sensibly and I'm doing more exercises these days."