Spoilers: Another original Grey's Anatomy character is returning to the show

goss 07/12/2020

This story contains spoilers for the current season of Grey's Anatomy.

This year's season of Grey's Anatomy has been pretty huge. The characters have been dealing with COVID-19 and one of the original characters made a return!

Meredith Grey's late love interest Derek Sheppard (played by Patrick Dempsey) made a return in a dream sequence - but now another actor is back in a similar fashion!

George O'Malley (played by T.R. Knight) has also returned to the show to offer Meredith some advice and fans are over the moon!

The pair catch-up over lost time in the dream - including the birth of Meredith's kids and George's own funeral.

"Because you went all in for everybody. For your friends, your family, a woman at the bus stop. You think that didn't somehow affect me?" Meredith says.

"You changed my life, George. I didn't say it then, but it's true."

In an interview with Deadline, Knight opened up about what it was like returning to his much loved character...

"We all know George also had his faults. He stumbled a lot. Literally and metaphorically, he was a little passive-aggressive, had some anger, held a grudge a little too long, but that’s what made him such a brilliant character to play, so to be able to get back into that world was… Like I said, there’s a better word than profound, and I’ll get there someday."

We can't wait to watch this episode in full when it hits NZ screens!