Mum spends 20 hours dealing with toys tangled in daughter's hair

we love 03/02/2021

A mum from the US has gone viral online after sharing her 'worst parenting nightmare'.

Her daughter was playing with a box of 'Bunchem' toys - which are sort of like velcro balls. After playing around with them for a while, she pretty much got the entire box tangled in her hair!

"I post the good .... well here is some of the bad." she began by saying

"She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair . They made it worse trying to remove them theirselves because the connect together kinda like Velcro. It took me about 3 hours to get out 15. "

"If we cut them out because of how deep they were she would have winded up with a short pixie cut. It crushed my heart and I just couldn’t in my heart give up without trying my best to get them out."

"So Saturday morning I went to the store got everything I could think of to help and we started. After 20 hours total after pulling and working them out of her head and lots of hair loss I got them all out . Followed by an hour or more in the bath tub with conditioner and combing out the knots ."

"My fingers are literally swollen from this but worth it all. I am still in disbelief that we went through and got through this whole awful situation!"

"You better believe I am calling the company tomorrow and consumer alert but I am sure it will not make a difference. But by posting this Hopefully I can help another family not go through!"

You can read the full post and see pics from the mum below...