A Harry Potter live-action TV series is reportedly in the works

goss 26/01/2021

Harry Potter fans get excited - it might be time to head back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A recent report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that US streaming network HBOMax are in the early stages of developing a Harry Potter TV show.

"Broad ideas have been discussed as part of the early-stage exploratory meetings." THR says.

"No writers or talent are currently attached as the conversations are still in the extremely early stages and no deals have been made."

While little else is known, many see the move as the logical next step for the franchise - especially at a time when many other popular movie series' are getting TV adapations (Star Wars, Lord of The Rings).

It is not known when the series will be set, or if any of the current characters will return.

We'll have to watch this space and hope for a little bit of magic!