BBQ Expert shares the common mistake we often make on the grill

we love 25/01/2021

Summer and BBQs go hand in hand in New Zealand. But as much as we love getting together with friends and family and grilling up a big feed, there's a common mistake we've all been making.

A BBQ expert from over in Australia has shared the common mistake that we're making when we fire up the grill.

"Turn the BBQ down a bit, everyone just cooks way too hot," he said.

"You see it all the time, the burnt snags and the overdone steaks… Just slow down a little bit. Grab yourself a beverage and slow down a little bit."

"Turn the heat down, and turn the steak as many times as you can. You want a nice even cook and to go nice and gentle, because that will help retain all the moisture inside the meat as well."

With some hot weather on the way, it might pay to keep this in mind at your next BBQ!