Bridgerton fans spot modern day blunder in one of the opening scenes

goss 27/01/2021

'Bridgerton' has been a huge success for Netflix this year. But fans have been quick to spot a few modern day errors in the period drama set in the 1800s.

In one of the opening scenes of the show, you can spot some yellow road lines...

"Really enjoying Bridgerton, but with the technology available to film makers these days, a yellow line?" one person wrote online.

But it didn't stop there, one history buff added "anyone else watching #Bridgerton and thinking... 'Those are seedless grapes in that fruit bowl. They wouldn’t have been around in the 1800’s. They should’ve used a seeded variety for historical accuracy'. Nope? Anyone? Only me?"

A third fan chimed in and said "you will also spot a *supermarket* poster, a single yellow line parking restriction and a parking sign on a lamppost. Down pipes on the front of buildings which would not have been there and a modern day doorbell."

So next time you watch the show, keep one eye on the background and who knows what you might see!