People are shocked by this 'dirty finger nail' beauty trend

omg 28/01/2021

The internet is full of new and unusual beauty ideas, but this one hasn't exactly received the desired reaction...

'Creative Nail Design' posted a photo on their Facebook page of denim inspired french tips. While they loved the look - many were quick to point out it made the woman's finger nails look filthy.

Hundreds of thousands of people called them out on the look...

"My former boss - a truck machanic, had fingers just like this after having weeks worth of greese and motor lube lodged right into the abyss of his nails and cuticles." one person wrote.

"Also known as the 'Gardeners French Manicure'" added another.

Someone else pointed out "that just looks like my toddlers nails after playing outside all day!"

Eventually the 'Creative Nail Design' team responded by saying "Woke up to see we went viral… and then we saw why... We understand having different tastes, but we genuinely loved the artist’s design. We don’t need to shy away from expressing differing opinions, but let’s not forget to respect others."

Will you be giving this look a go this year?