The Chase fans shocked after seeing pics of Shaun Wallace in bike shorts

goss 25/01/2021

If you watch the hit UK gameshow 'The Chase' you'll be used to seeing the braniac Chasers dressed up all formally... But Shaun Wallace's latest TV appearance has left fans of the show shocked.

While appearing on spinoff show 'The Chaser's Road Trip: Trains, Planes and Automobiles' Shaun's outfit raised a few eyebrows. Ditching his usual suit, he rocked a pair of small bike shorts.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their shock... The pics left little to the imagination.

"Jesus Shaun, put it away man!" one viewer wrote.

"Enjoying The Chasers Road Trip... But Shaun's shorts... Definitely post watershed." added another.

But it didn't end there, someone else added "Shaun. What the **** are you wearing!? Budgie smugglers or what!?"

After seeing these pics you may never watch The Chase the same way again.