The Chase's 'Vixen' brilliantly shuts down troll who called her a 'condescending cow

goss 22/01/2021

UK based game-show 'The Chase' is hugely popular in New Zealand. 

The Chasers are known for being tough, but one of them has been hit by an internert troll labelling her a 'condescending cow'.

Not letting the troll have the last word, Jenny Ryan aka The Vixen, brilliantly replied and shut the troll down!

"Not sure what show you're watching. I do exactly the same job as the others. Including giving extra information, explaining how I knew/worked out answers." she said in a Tweet.

"You don't like me personally, that's all, that's fine. I suggest that you change the channel, & don't tag me in mean Tweets."

Shortly after she responded to the troll, the Tweet was deleted and the troll's account shut down. 

Some of Jenny's fans came to support her...

"Well said! Dont like it turn it over. We all love you Jenny!" one wrote.

"I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again. I have nothing but absolute respect and admiration for every single one of you Chasers fantastic job you are doing." added another.

After thanking her fans, The Vixen finished by saying "I'm literally doing my job, in exactly the same way as my Chaser colleagues do and always have done."