These were the world's most watched TV shows and movies of 2020

goss 15/01/2021

COVID-19 has meant a huge surge in people watching TV and movies at home. The latest info from Nielsen has shown which TV shows and movies were the most popular of 2020.

If you're stuck for something new to watch, these lists could give you some ideas!

Most Streamed Original Series
Ozark (30.5 billion)
Lucifer (18.97 billion)
The Crown (16.3 billion)
Tiger King (15.6 billion)
The Mandalorian (14.5 billion)
The Umbrella Academy (13.5 billion)
The Great British Baking Show (13.3 billion)
Boss Baby: Back in Business (12.6 billion)
Longmire (11.4 billion)
You (10.97 billion)

Most Streamed Non-Original Series
The Office (57.1 billion)
Grey's Anatomy (39.4 billion)
Criminal Minds (35.4 billion)
NCIS (28.1 billion)
Schitt's Creek (23.8 billion)
Supernatural (20.3 billion)
Shameless (18.2 billion)
New Girl (14.6 billion)
The Black List (14.5 billion)
The Vampire Diaries (14.1 billion)

Most Streamed Movies
Frozen 2 (14.9 billion)
Moana (10.5 billion)
Secret Life of Pets 2 (9.1 billion)
Onward (8.4 billion)
Dr. Seuss's The Grinch (6.2 billion)
Hamilton (6.1 billion)
Spenser Confidential (5.4 billion)
Aladdin (2019) (5.1 billion)
Toy Story 4 (4.4 billion)
Zootopia (4.4 billion)

With lists this big - it might take you the whole year to get through all of this content!