People can't get over this 'disgusting' baked bean wedding cake

omg 18/02/2021

Looking for a way to make your wedding day that bit more memorable? Why not try a baked bean wedding cake!

A company in the UK has started a heated debate after sharing pics of their new creation.

"To the happy couple, we wish you a lifetime of happiness, don’t listen to the haters, we think you are made for eachother!"

The response to the cake has been mixed to say the least...

"Eggs, bacon, beans and Weetabix, a banging breakfast!" one person praised.

"I don't see the problem, you get both sweet and savory." agreed another.

But there were loads of people who hated the concept!

"This makes me uncomfortable in so many ways..." one wrote.

"I can smell this photo and it's making me nauseous." a second added.

Someone else simply stated "this is making me gag."

So what do you think? Would you try a slice of this?