Shawn Mendes splits opinion after sharing pic of him kissing Camila Cabello's feet

goss 16/02/2021

Romantic or gross? That's the debate that Shawn Mendes fans are having after he shared a photo of him and his partner Camila Cabello on Instagram.

"I kiss your foot cuz I love you." Shawn wrote alongside a pic of him doing just that.

The response to the photo was definitely mixed...

"That's true love!" one fan gushed.

"I love this but also hate it!" added an Instagram user

"You accidentally posted this. That's okay though!! Never too late to delete it" joked another. 

Someone else simply wrote "Get them toes out ur face."

"Shawn... WHY!?" begged this distressed fan.

What do you reckon? Cute or a bit yucky?