'Tragic' photo of discarded flowers is breaking hearts online

omg 04/03/2021

A simple photo of some discarded flowers and a card is breaking hearts online.

The image was uploaded to Reddit where people began theorising the story behind the dumped gift.

"Found discarded on the side of a building today. Felt bad seeing it." the original poster said.

The card read "you are the most sense my life has ever made" on the front.

Human nature took over as people were keen to crack the sad mystery...

"That's a mystery and a tragedy bound up in a single photo," one person wrote.

Another suggested a proposal gone wrong, saying "check around for the ring!"

"Honestly, my first thought was that the card said, 'Sorry I cheated on you, please take me back,'" someone else added. "Something that made the recipient get rid of the gifts immediately," 

When asked why he didn't inspect the card further the uploader said they didn't want to 'pry'.

"It's not even prying though, it's litter on the ground." this person came back with.

"Pick it up inspect it, and see if you can figure out the little mystery and then throw it out. Probably took more time to post it on Reddit for karma."

We may never know the true story behind this wee sad mystery!