Calculator reveals how much time you've spent watching Netflix

goss 10/03/2021

If you've been guilty of spending a bit too much time binge-watching shows on Netflix over te last few years, you might be horrified by this new tool.

An online calculator has given people the ability to figue out exactly how much time they've spent watching Netflix.

"It’s not widely known but you can download your entire viewing history from Netflix however it’s just one big spreadsheet and that’s why we launched our Time Spent Streaming tool; to interpret and present your viewing history in a simple and fun way" the comparitech website reads.

"Our tool shows you some interesting statistics on your viewing history, like for example your total watch time, your most watched series, some recently watched movies, average time spent streaming per day and some of your most watched genres."

"All you need to do is submit a file you can find on your account settings page, which details everything you have ever watched. Detailed instructions on how to get this file can be found on the next page."

Are you game enough to check out your numbers?