Young kid hilariously dobs in their dad for his 'poor hygiene' to PM Jacinda Ardern

goss 08/03/2021

PM Jacinda Ardern gets a lot of mail - but this latest one is just too cute!

Sharing the note on Instagram, Jacinda revealed the letter she received from a young child. In it, the kid dobs in their dad in to the PM over his lack of handwashing.

"Jacinda. My dad is not washing his hands properly." the note began.

"He is not putting soap on his hands and rubbing for twenty seconds. I will work on this with him."

Jacinda added that she loved the "offer of support right at the end there."

The message quickly went viral and has sicne been shared around the world.

"Junior Snitch outed her/his own father!" one person replied

"This is so pure!" gushed another.

You can alway count on a kid to say it how they see it!