Watching romance before bed is worse for your sleep than horror

goss 18/03/2021

It may sound odd - but watching a romance like Birdgerton might give you a worse sleep than a horror film like It!

Researchers of the study got participants to watch a variety of content before bed and then monitored how they slept overnight.

They found that 'romance' viewers had the least amount of sleep overall - by more than 45 minutes! Horror and Thriller watchers clocked in the most shut eye with 7hrs and 50 minutes all up.

"This past year, more so than ever, people have been struggling to sleep and it’s no surprise," an expert said.

"There is a lot of information online about the best ways to fall asleep, and it seems many people are still turning to technology or audio aids when in fact they might not be the best method."

"We wanted to carry out this study to delve deeper into how such things really affect our sleep. We hope that the research provides some insight for people, and can help people make more informed decisions when it comes to their sleep."

So if you've been struggling with sleep, maybe dial down the romance!