Kelly Rowland reveals Beyonce & Michelle watched her give birth over Zoom

goss 03/05/2021

We always knew these Destiny's Child stars were close - but this takes things to a new level!

In a recent interview with People, Kelly said that when she was giving birth to her second child Noah, Beyonce and Michelle watched on over Zoom.

"We had our family join on Zoom. They were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful." she told the magazine.

But as soon as they were able to, they popped over to Kelly's to meet the little one in person.

"The girls were literally over here at the house just recently and when they met the baby it was like another part of my heart just… Being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift," she said.

"It's really a gift because we've known each other for so long and the industry doesn't really make friendships… It's the nature of it, and we still have each other after all these years."

We always knew these girls were close - but to watch Kelly give birth over Zoom is on a whole different level!