Mum has perfect response after teacher tells her daughter her artwork is 'wrong'

parenting 28/04/2021

A mum has gone viral online after sharing a story of how an art teacher made her daughter feel dejected after criticising her painting.

"My 6 year old daughter painted this amazing scene at an after school art club." the mum wrote on Twitter.

"Her art teacher told her she had done it wrong?! You can't do art wrong! She was so upset as art is her favourite thing to do."

She then asked others to come forward and offer words of support to her daughter - and that they did!

"I will never forget coloring a horse blue when I was about your age and being told it was wrong. I believed it. I shouldn’t have. Why can’t you draw a blue horse? Don’t let anyone tell you how to do art. Math is right or wrong. Art never is." one person wrote.

"Edie your art is beautiful and engaging and provocative and makes me want to take a walk right inside of it. It’s a lot of things but it’s definitely not wrong."

Such a great example of the internet being used to raise someone up, not tear them down!