Robert Irwin makes heartfelt tribute to 'Amazing mum' Bindi

goss 15/04/2021

It's exciting times at the Irwin household! After Bindi and her husband Chandler welcomed their first child, the internet has gone into overdrive!

To celebrate 'National Siblings Day' Robert Irwin gave his sister a bit of a shoutout - she's clearly got the hang of this parenting thing.

"I’ve got the absolute best sister - Grace definitely has an amazing mum." he wrote.

In a seperate post, Robert spoke about his experience of being an uncle so far...

"Being Grace’s uncle is awesome!! I can’t wait to watch this little warrior grow up and take on the world - I reckon she’ll be running the zoo in no time!"

"I feel so honoured that I’ll get to share all the amazing experiences that I had growing up in a zoo, and teach her about everything from rescuing wildlife to caring for our family of animals!"

We can't wait to watch this family's journey over the next few years!