Five things we learnt from 'P!NK: All That I Know' documentary

goss 21/05/2021

Pink's new documentary 'P!NK: All That I Know' is released on Amazon Prime today! Directed by the same person behind 'The Greatest Showman', the film follows the three-week lead up to her sold out Wembley Stadium shows as part of her 'Beautiful Trauma' world tour, with the balance she tries to find between kids, her husband, her tour family, and being the boss of her 250-person world tour.

Here are five things we learnt from her doco!

Our favourite scene from Jameson? Sneezing with so much movement and force, he sneezes into a wall. Poor little guy!

Because not many kids would scale stadium scaffolding on their own! (Safely of course).

In one scene, after a show in Europe, Pink tells her family and camera crew "If I bought a ticket to tonight's show, I would have been disappointed."

Meanwhile, Jameson pipes up to say "Mamma, why did you take one of my breaths?" Turns out he meant Pink took his breath away during her concert. Aww!

Laughing on the couch, Pink tells the camera "Everyone says 'I love Pink, cause she never takes any s***. I eat s*** for breakfast!"

Pink's song 'All I Know So Far' is written as a letter to Willow, and includes some of the lessons and sayings she's heard from her own family. Pink, in fact, writes numerous letters to her daughter Willow on significant days - she plans to give Willow her folder of letters to her when she gets older.

Find 'P!NK: All That I Know So Far' on Amazon Prime now.