Fashion experts says mullets are making a huge comeback this year

omg 18/05/2021

Well we never thought we'd see the day... But the mullet is officially back in fashion!

In business at the front, party at the back look has seen a huge resurgence in popularity and some fashion experts have weighed in with their thoughts as to why.

 "I think one of the big reasons the mullet is back in fashion (aside from the fascination with Joe Exotic) is that we're still really obsessed with the 80s." the expert told Tyla.

"Fashion and music is always intertwined. You can hear the 80's influence in music and fashion (and therefore beauty) is exactly the same. They're also actually super versatile."

"The mullet has always been a cut that epitomises "freedom" and confidence. It's a style that's full of edgy, rockabilly chic, whilst its versatility means that it is still unique even if everyone has one.

While this look has quickly become a fashion do, rather than a fashion don't - would you be seen rocking it?