Melissa McCarthy shares the brilliant life advice she wrote to herself years ago

goss 11/05/2021

Actress Melissa McCarthy has shared some brilliant pearls of wisdom on her social media.

The 'Bridesmaids' star stumbled across a note she wrote to herself and shared what she found on her Instagram.

"Found this note I wrote to myself years ago - still stands," her post began.

Check out the pearls of wisdome Melissa wrote below...

  • "In 10 years, you will NOT remember his name."
  • "It’s OK to cry it out."
  • "For the love of God — buy both pairs of shoes."
  • "Please listen to that little voice inside your head,"
  • "A walk of shame can be character building."
  • "Call Mom,""Just eat the damn cookie!"
  • "Go ALL IN! you’ll never get today back."

Some words to live by - thanks for sharing Melissa!