Ed Sheeran apologises to his 'ginger' community in the lead up to 'Bad Habits' video

goss 23/06/2021

After a long hiatus, Ed announced that his first solo single in around four years, 'Bad Habits' will be released on Friday the 25th of June, and not only will be treating fans to the single... but the music video as well.

The music video is something a little different for Ed, in the teaser clips he can be seen as a vampire. But the vampire outfit and make up isn't the only thing fans noticed... They also noticed that Ed had traded in his signature ginger locks for some lighter, blonder ones.

In a recent picture, Ed Sheeran can be seen dressed in a pink suit and looking at himself in the mirror. He can be seen in Dracula-Esque eye shadow, blonde hair and black nail polish and vampire fangs.

As soon as the snap was shared, fans flooded the comments sending messages about his new blonde doo.

"If you were blonde for more than a week, I’d never forgiven you"

"Prefer you ginger" said another.

"Not the hair 😩" said a third.

Ed acknowledged the new hair doo in the caption of him image saying, "My hair was blonde for 3 days for the shoot. I apologise to all my ginger people, it will never happen again '#factor70sunscreengang'".