Ed Sheeran sweats and tears up eating the spiciest chicken wings during interview

goss 09/07/2021

Warning: the video contains coarse language.

Ed Sheeran may be one of the chillest, easy-going celebs in the world right now - but he's not so chill when it comes to hot sauces.

The singer is in the hot seat for 'First We Feast' interview series Hot Ones, eating chicken wings in increasing Scoville levels of spice. And while he mentions he's not too bad with hot sauce, he admits he doesn't want to fail and "wouldn't hear the end of it" if he didn't make it to the last wing.

He also admits that 'Bad Habits' was not going to be his lead single, changing it at the last minute based off an announcement UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made.

"This time, I had a first single picked, kind of like lo-fi, depressing, sad. And I made this really upbeat dance tune. And then Boris Johnson announced that England was opening up in the 21st of June, and my single was going to come out the 25th of June. So I said, 'Let's switch them around,'" the 30-year-old singer said.

"Because I was like, 'What do I want to hear on the radio when the world opens up or if clubs are going to? Do I really want to hear a really depressed, lo-fi, acoustic tune?'"

Watch the full interview above.

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