Sandra Oh stars in Netflix's next big 'binge-watch' The Chair

goss 22/07/2021

Warning: This trailer contains some coarse language

Netflix's next big show is almost here! Sandra Oh stars in 'The Chair' which will debut on Netflix on August 20.

A description for the show says "The Chair follows Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) as she navigates her new role as the Chair of the English department at prestigious Pembroke University."

"Ji-Yoon is faced with a unique set of challenges as the first woman to chair the department, and as one of the few staff members of color at the university."

Fans are already super pumped for the show, with some taking to social media to share...

"I will be watching, purely for Sandra Oh!" one wrote.

"Sandra deserves an Oscar for her performance in this trailer alone." added another.

We can't wait to binge watch this whole thing!