The Block NZ's Mark Richardson tells off teams after strategic scoring goes too far

The Block NZ 15/07/2021

It's not uncommon for The Block NZ to be caught up in the occasional strategic scoring, especially when there are prizes worth thousands of dollars on the line.

But strategic scoring where a single point is given? Host Mark Richardson wasn't happy.

After the four teams competed in this week's infamous 'Dinner Wars' where the prize was $10,000 of exterior painting, each team was meant to score each other's parties.

What resulted was all four teams all voting zeros for each other.

"Zero for a grand total of zero," Mark told the teams, annoyed, revealing the big old doughnuts on the board.

"I don't think I need to be Isaac Newton to know what's gone on here," he told the teams, revealing the four zeros each team received. "Do you think I was born under a rock?"

While one team member cheekily pointed out that the scores were "first equal", the prize is not allowed to be split amongst the teams. So Mark has forced them to re-score each other's dinner parties.

But what will that mean for the $10k prize, and will alliances be put into play?

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