Peppa Pig confronts Adele after Adele shut down any collaborations with her

goss 19/10/2021

Adele went live on Instagram just a couple of days before her new single Easy On Me was released.

During the Instagram live, one of Adele's fans asked if a collaboration with Peppa Pig could be on the cards, to which Adele replied: "No!".

Days later, Peppa, the beloved (or hated depending who you talk to) cartoon pig hit back at the singer.

“Hello Adele. That made me really, really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me." Peppa said.

Why not? Don’t you like me?

Adele, visibly shocked, asks if the call was the actual voice of Peppa Pig, before jokingly admitting that she regretted her initial statement.

“First of all babes, Peppa, that ain’t the one of you that I know,” Adele said. “That’s not the same voice with the one I grew up with, with my son."