Santa gets a boyfriend in viral Norwegian ad

goss 25/11/2021

The Christmas ad for a Norweigan postal service has gone viral thanks to the sweet message behind it.

It's been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalized in Norway, and Posten the Norweigian postal service, wanted to honour that in their 2021 Christmas advert.

In the heartwarming ad, Saint Nick finds himself falling in love with a man whose home he visits each year.

The pair first meet accidentally while a shirtless Harry is grabbing a glass of water on Christmas Eve as Santa leaves presents in a nearby room. The two lock eyes briefly before Santa disappears up the chimney — and fireworks appear in the sky.

Harry anxiously awaits Santa's return each year following their initial meeting, and the pair's bond continues to deepen with each passing year, making their time apart increasingly difficult.

Posten steps in to help Santa deliver his gifts so that he can spend time with his new love, Harry.

Watch the sweet extended version of the ad above.