The Block NZ crown their winners for 2021 after grand auction final

The Block NZ 14/11/2021

It's been a very long season of The Block NZ season 9, but after the COVID delays, chaos and a lockdown finale - the hard work has paid of very well for all four teams!

Blue team's Tim & Arty were crowned the 2021 winners after House #4 sold for $2,825,000 - a whopping $660,000 above their reserve. On top of their profit, they also pocketed another $100,000 as part of the grand prize. 

Yellow team's Dylan & Keegan won this year's People's Choice Award, as well as $590,000 profit for House #3 when it sold for $2,745,000.

Third place was Meg & Dan's house sold for $2,700,000 with $478,000 profit, and Connie & Rach still made an phenomenal profit of $422,000 when House #1 sold for $2,692,000.

Overall, $2,250,000 money was given away to the four teams - the most profit made within a single season in Block NZ history. Previously the most money a team had won was back in 2016 when Sam & Emmett took home $580,000.

The tenth season of The Block NZ is already confirmed for 2022, where four fan-favourite teams return for the second time in The Block NZ: Redemption.

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