Santa has released the official 'naughty and nice' list for 2021

goss 17/12/2021

The North Pole Government and the Department of Christmas Affairs have released Santa's official Naughty and Nice List for 2021!

In a statement, they said "2021 has been particularly stressful for many people – which may have applied downward pressure to many people’s aggregate Naughty/Nice rating, and could potentially have caused what would otherwise have been a positive score to drop below the N/N divider."

"While the Department’s best elf data architects, scientists and modelers have been working tirelessly to adjust a variety of risk ratings to account for this aberration, it is possible that some data points where not taken into consideration, and therefore did not factor into the Department’s calculations at the time of publication."

With more thousands of names on the list, yours is sure to be among them. Click here to see the full list and search for your name.

If you disagree with the findings you can always raise a complaint with the department themselves.