The Chase’s Mark Labbett shares what simple thing helped him lose 63kgs

goss 07/12/2021

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett from The Chase UK has been on a big weightloss mission over the past few years, and now the brainiac has given us a further insight into what helped motivate him! 

“My wife promised me that when we first got him she would take care of everything – feeding him, walking him, and so on,” he said in a recent interview.

“That lasted about two weeks before she decided ‘Actually Mark, look at your belly – you need the exercise!’

“I was walking him around the fields, taking me places … I think he’s helped a lot, simply because I’m doing more activity,” Mark explained.

During a recent interview on UK based TV Loose Women, Mark explained his diet and the effects of “changing his habits”.

“I’m on a high protein diet... so eating an awful lot of meat and lean meat, and as much as I love chips and other carbs, I’m having quite a bit less than I used to.

“And it’s sort of became a virtuous cycle, I’m not feeling that hungry, so you eat less, so you lose weight, so you’re not as hungry,” the 200cm tall giant said.

“I’ve gradually dropped X’s off my size, from 5XL to 4XL and it looks like the next time I go shopping I’ll be able to squeeze into XL pants - small things but important things.”

Keep up the hardwork Mark, it's clearly paying off!