A woman sleeping reaching for the alarm

A study has found a way to wake up with more energy and alertness

we love 17/01/2022

Are you wondering why your energy level is low when you wake up?Maybe changing your alarm would work!

A study has shown that changing the sound of your alarm or to your favourite music, lessens sleep inertia. 'Sleep inertia' is a feeling of grogginess and lack of alertness from simply not being ready to wake up yet.

Waking up and feeling fresh and ready to conquer the day immediately can be difficult for some. So, the study was done by RMIT University, Australia to check if changing the sound of the alarm clock would make them feel rested and ready to go. Especially by using one's favourite music.

Although caffeine, light and hot showers do help in curing the morning grogginess, researchers have found that certain sounds reduce sleep inertia. Their study revealed that 'melodic' tones effectively reduced sleep inertia in comparison to 'unmelodic' beeping alarms. 

The study authors define 'melodic' tone as anything that's easy to sing or hum along. 

The study was done across all different age groups.

"This revealed that in emergency scenarios, children are also receptive to how alarm sound design affects their waking state" reported by the researchers. 

A worthwhile trick to try on your kids when school starts again!