Adele turns chaos into classy with 'Oh My God' music video

Music 13/01/2022

There's a lot to take in with Adele's new music video for 'Oh My God', the latest single from her highly acclaimed album '30'.

The visuals for Adele self-described "'I'm a hot mess' song" features dancing, fire, pythons, horses and a lot of chairs - but has the same black-and-white classiness with a very poised, sultry Adele amongst the chaos.

Directed by Sam Brown, who also directed 'Rolling in the Deep', Adele shared that it was "nostalgic" to collaborate with him a decade after her massive hit song.

"We filmed this one on the day 'Easy On Me' dropped, there were a million things going on all at once. But the attention to detail from the crew was borderline hilarious - thank you so much for your patience and pulling it all together it was a lot of fun," she wrote. "Although right at the end a huge python was on set so I skidaddled my arse straight out of there!"

Watch the music video for Adele's song 'Oh My God' above.