S Club 7's Paul Cattermole is now a phone psychic

goss 26/01/2022

S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole is giving psychic readings over the phone.

The 44-year-old singer shot to fame as part of the pop group in the late 1990s, releasing hits such as 'S Club Party' and 'Have You Ever' and will now share "experience and knowledge" gained during his showbiz days with tarot readings over the phone.

In his profile on company website Ask The Answer, he wrote: “I have an abundance of experience and knowledge to share with you from my days in pop band S Club 7 to my present role as a spiritual psychic where my reputation over the years has earned me the title of Psychic Detective. I have a keen interest in getting to the root and cause of any problem as an Intuitive Paranormal Investigator. You can ask me ANYTHING (except for what is not allowed via the terms and conditions of the website!) I prefer specific questions that assist both myself and you to dive deeply into the situation and receive powerful spirit led messages."

The ex-pop star - who will be charging just under £40 for 20 minutes of his time - then went on to claim that he "using energy" is part of his "genius", having completed professional training at the Spiritual Studio.

He wrote: "Using and working with energy is my zone of genius. I can also use a variety of tools if requested. I like my readings to be uplifting and fun but I can also offer empathy and compassion for all sorts of situations. I have been trained and passed by the Spiritual Studio professional accreditation body. Peace be the journey of Life, Paul."

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